# Package the KO

A Knowledge Object can be packaged into a zip file for deployment and distribution. Details can be found in KGrid Common Object Package specifications (opens new window)

# File Name for the ZIP File

The resulting ZIP file containing the KO is named based on the KO's ARK ID.


# Using KGrid CLI

KGrid CLI provides a command to help the packaging process.

To package the KO created in the previous section, run

 kgrid package ark:/<naan>/<name>

Details for the command can be found in KGRID-CLI Documentation (opens new window)

You can also use kgrid pacakge-all to package all KOs in the same directory. See the section of kgrid package-all (opens new window)

# Next step

Now that the KO has been properly packaged, it can be deployed to a KGrid activator or deposited to a KGrid Library.

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