# Set up KGrid

# 🌌 Can I use OpenJDK to meet the JAVA requirement?

Yes. OpenJDK 12 can be found here (opens new window).

# 🌌 Which Node.js version shall I install to run KGrid CLI ?

The LTS version of Node.js is highly recommended.

# 🌌 I'm having problems with permissions when I tried to install or run npm. It suggests I use sudo. How do I fix?

You should not have to use sudo to install node, npm, or any additional packages. If you run into trouble see https://timonweb.com/posts/install-npm-packages-without-sudo/ (opens new window)

# 🌌 How do I check if I have the latest version of KGRID components?

The easiest way is to use KGRID CLI. Run kgrid --version will check and show the versions for KGRID components as well as JAVA, Node.js.

If you 'd like to check a remote KGrid Library or Activator, call /info of the server. For details, please refer to the KGRID API documentation (opens new window).

# Develop a Knowledge Object

# 🌌 I am having problem with npm install, failing with node-gyp. What could be wrong?

One possibility is that your project has dependencies on some native add-on node modules which in turn require Python27 to build on the fly. Install Python27 (opens new window) and try again.

# 🌌 I changed the payload code and rebuilt the KO. However, the KO Service is still using the old code. How to fix that?

If the auto-reload feature is not turned on for the activator, you will need to manually re-activate the updated KO so that the KO service can be refreshed. To do so, call the /activate of the activator. Please refer to the KGRID API documentation (opens new window) for details.

# KGrid API

# 🌌 How can I upload multiple Knowledge Objects?

You can create a manifest file containing a list of urls pointing to the artifacts. These KOs should be packaged in ZIP format and retrievable from the host. You can then POST your manifest /kos/manifest. For details, please refer to the KGRID API documentation (opens new window).

# 🌌

# Miscellaneous

# 🌌 How can I get technical support?

You can browse through the guides, tutorials and other materials on this website. If your question remains unanswered, you can send an email to: kgrid-developers@umich.edu

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