# Latest Development

Knowledge Grid is still in its early stage; therefore, our team and the community is working diligently on the continuous development. As our understanding of Computable Biomedical Knowledge advances, the technology will evolve accordingly, although may not be as quickly as we wish.

We will update this page frequently to reflect our thinking and understandings. More importantly, document the development in the specifications, the ontology and the reference implementation of KGrid components.

# January 2020

# KO collections

As of January 2020, more KO collections have been updated and released:

# KO Collection Manifest

For each of the released KO collection, a manifest file is generated containing the URL for the packaged KOs on GitHub. Currently, the manifest files are hosted on https://demo.kgrid.org.

  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/kgrid.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/cpic.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/example.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/ipp.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/postpci.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/labwise.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/opioid.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/cancer-risk.json
  • https://demo.kgrid.org/manifests/script-numerate.json

# November 2019

# Knowledge Object Structure

  • Implementation subfolder has been removed from the file layout of a Knowledge Object (KO);
  • Each KO has the file of metadata.json with the type of koio:KnowledgeObject;
  • version is added to the metadata;
  • hasImplementation is removed from the metadata;
  • In service.yaml, server.url contains {naan}/{name} only;

# Activation of the versioned KO

  • After activation, the endpoint can be requested by {naan}/{name}/{endpoint};
  • A specific version can be reached by {naan}/{name}/{endpoint}?v={version};

# KO collections

As of November 2019, the following KO collections have been updated and released:


Published via npm, KGrid CLI v0.4.1 is available to develop the knowledge objects with the new file layout. Please refer to the KGRID CLI documentation (opens new window) for usage.

To install,

npm install -g @kgrid/cli


Before the kgrid activator/library are released, you will need the development version in the folder of .kgrid

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