Additional Resources

To help streamline the authoring and execution process we have created some helpful tools. All tools can be found at:

Knowledge Object Generator (
This generator takes in your payload file, input RDF file, output RDF file, and a template and outputs the JSON-formatted knowledge object. From there, you an directly upload the JSON file to the activator, or create a knowledge object on ObjectTeller.

Input/Output RDF Generator (
The input/output RDF generator was created in C++ and python. This generator takes in user input to generate the xml-formatted files.

KO Editor ([] ( The KO Editor is a helpful tool created by the KGrid Taiwan team that provides an easy to use interfance for authors to utilize.

Execution Tools ( This respository provides examples of bash files and Postman Collections for working with an Activator.

Postman (
The KGrid team works with Postman as the preferred REST API client. We find Postman simple and rather straight forward to use when utilizing the activator. Postman also allows collections of calls that are useful in creating the “smoke tests”.