KO Services in the Activator

Each Knowledge Object (KO) is required to have a service description which is a definition of what
services a KO provides and how to access those services. The service description uses the OpenAPI Specification.

Accessing Service Description

OpenAPI document for each KO can be found via the path described in the service attribute of the KO's metadata data. Lets look at Hello World KO. You can view the metadata of the Hello World 0.0.1.

To view a service Description for a KO you a service to the URL you used ot access the metadata of the KO, e.g. Hello World Service Description.

The output is a yaml OpenAPI Specification. This specification is a maching readable format and might not mean much when you first view it.
There are several tools the can interpret this specification and render a useful client based on the the information.

Using the Service Description

Swagger UI client can take a KOs service description and create a client that can aid in executing the KOs services.

  1. In your browser navigate to KGrid's Swagger UI implementation
  2. In the Explore text box type in the service url for the Hello World KO ( http://localhost:8080/hello/world/v0.0.1/service )Swagger UI
  3. Press Explore, this will load the service description into Swagger UI and render a simple client.

Additional Information

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