There are several settings that you can control on the Activator.

Activator Knowledge Object Shelf Location

By default the activator will look for a shelf in jar execution directory but the location the shelf can be configured:

java -jar kgrid-activator-0.6.2.jar --kgrid.shelf.cdostore.url=filesystem:file:///data/myshelf

java -jar kgrid-activator-0.6.2.jar --kgrid.shelf.cdostore.url=filesystem:file:///c:/Users/me/myshelf

Activator Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) The Activator by default allows all origins access to the api. You can tighten that access via the cors.url parameter.

To change the origins allowed:

java -jar kgrid-activator-0.6.2.jar --cors.url=

Activator Server Port

To change the port:

java -jar kgrid-activator-0.6.2.jar --server.port=9090

Activator Server Path

By default the endpoints of the activator at the root of the activator server. To change the server root path:

java -jar kgrid-activator-0.6.2.jar --server.contextPath=/activator

Activator Object Auto-Reload

By default the activator does not automatically reload objects but it can be configured to activate an object or implementation when it detects a change to a file on the shelf by setting this property:

java -jar kgrid-activator-0.6.2.jar --kgrid.activator.autoreload=true

Last Updated: 4/9/2019, 6:26:47 PM