We’re Hiring!

Great team, new stuff, do cool things, free cheap lunch!

Senior Software Developer

This position is targeted at Senior Developers with broad experience, good coding skills, and pairing experience (or the right person with less experience who can learn and grow).

(The actual job posting is here. Use that link to apply. We’re happy to answer questions and talk informally. You can reach us at kgrid-jobs@umich.edu.)

Who we are & what we are looking for

We are the Department of Learning Health Sciences, Division of Learning and Knowledge Systems. The project we are working on is called the Knowledge Grid (kgrid.org). We are effectively an academic startup, trying to change the world, with talented people and cool technology in the works. Our team is a small (two pizza) team of developers, UX designers, and information scientists.

At the moment, we’re keen on finding another full-stack Java developer, especially if you’ve got experience with testing, devops goodness, cloud and container deployment, and maybe some front-end/SPA/Javascript/Node.js under your belt. You’ll be slinging lots of code, designing APIs and wiring up a variety of heterogeneous technologies.

We are highly collaborative and rely on good pairing and team skills, and a bit of deep thinking about the hard problems we are trying to solve. We learn lots of new things.

The product — Knowledge Grid

The Knowledge Grid is a platform-as-a-service designed to make computable biomedical knowledge significantly easier to create, organize, and apply. Our customers are various organizations, institutions, and service providers who will use our platform to create, organize, and deliver computable biomedical knowledge.

That said, we do develop lots of prototype clients and use the Kgrid platform ourselves to help demo and promote our product, and to train users and service providers.

The technology

One part of the work we do is developing models and standards. The base platform provides reference implementations of standards in a set of services. The reference components and core infrastructure platform are written in Java, with a couple of significant front-end pieces written in HTML/Javascript/reactive frameworks. There is also a sizeable chunk of technology required for the backend repository, based on the RDF container/linked-data Fedora Commons project. No relational models here, it’s graph-based, triple-store, SOLR-indexed resources underneath the Java API layer.

The component APIs are mostly a small set of Spring Boot-based microservices—library, publisher, activator, etc. These microservices and APIs are almost finished being split out from an original prototype monolith application.

In short, it is a large, open source, microservice-based, heterogeneous technology stack, with evolving feature set, and a strategic dependence on developing both a large developer community and connections to a wide variety of health-related partners.

If you think you might be a good fit for us, or just want to learn more contact us at kgrid-jobs@umich.edu or apply at the University of Michigan career site.